Konichiwa! My name is Christopher Gram.
I like User Experience & User Interface Design.

Curriculum Vitae

A brief overview of my previous stations and who I am.

Skills, Tools & Code

Always open to new things. I'm already doing this.

Client portfolio

Client ABB
Client Bayer
Client BDLI
Client Bosch
Client Deutsche Bank
Client Deutsche Glasfaser
Client Deutsche Reihenhaus
Client e.on
Client Stadt Göttingen
Client GTS
Client Julius Bär
Client Pferd
Client Porsche
Client RND
Client Siemens
Client Soennecken
Client Telekom
Client Volkswagen
Client Voss
Client Wintershall Dea


Artificial Intelligence Logo Dark

This may have been the last website I developed without the help of AI!

Latest Dribbbles

Example of a fullscreen navigation for Siemens Health with some nice hover background animations.

Manifesto chart for the new Tanglehub Brand Design.

Did you know, that only 29.1% scroll down to this section?

Feel free to leave me a message in the way of your choice! Whether you want to get in touch about a collaboration, just want to connect or talk about my latest altcoin pick.

Christopher Gram