The Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) rnd.de is a national news portal with a wide variety of topics. The subsidiary of the Madsack Media Group has become one of the largest and most cited media networks in Germany, with a reach of 5.6 million readers.


Development of a new visual appearance for rnd.de. The focus of the concept should be on an optimised smartphone experience and cover a broad audience.

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    Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland

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Open Project

Speaking about

The Challenge

The main challenge in this project was to transform the dusty old visual appearance of the RND into a new, modern and digitally scalable design system without losing the classic newspaper clientele.

Hands on

The Implementation

After several design directions with different approaches, it was decided to go for an elegant design with a lot of white space and a relatively colourful design as the focal point. The design resulted in a fully featured pattern library and takes into account all possible device sizes and states.

Looking back at

The result

Successful MVP implementation of the design system with the relaunch of the new website. Mobile-first approach, but not leaving out the desktop experience. Sprint-like expansion of all features and design possibilities in the future.

Description of

My Role

My role in this project was the classic UI lead. I was responsible for the development of the visual appearance, the declination of the design elements and the creation of the pattern lab with a team of 3 people. In addition to the internal handling, I also led and accompanied presentations to clients and stakeholders, as well as the coordination and cooperation with the technical implementers.