Wintershall Dea

Wintershall Dea is Europe’s leading independent gas and oil company and is active in 13 countries. In the course of the merger between Wintershall and DEA, a new corporate website was launched.


Various. One is the development of UX principles to give the new corporate website an excellent brand experience. On the other hand the development and design of special components like a map component or an inpage navigation.

  • Client

    Wintershall Dea

  • UX Methods

    UX Principles, Wireframing

  • UI Tools


  • Prototyping

    Principle, inVision

Open Project

Development of

UX Principles

In order to give the new website an added value in user experience and thus let users participate closer to the brand, UX principles were created based on the products and brand values. These principles serve UI designers and programmers, among others, to have a guide for the behavior of the website.


Concept & Design of

The ESRI Map Component

Natural gas and oil rights and awarding processes are lengthy and complicated. The task was to develop a map component on which all natural gas and oil fields can be viewed and further information obtained.


Creating experiences for

The Inpage Navigation

In order to ensure an improved user experience, especially on longer pages, an in-page navigation was conceived and designed, which moves along the left edge of the website in the content area.

Prototyp Inpage Navigation