VW Football

Volkswagen is the official mobility partner of the German Football Association (DFB) as well as a partner of the DFB Cup, the European football association UEFA and various other associations and clubs.


Development of a content hub under the claim "we drive football", docked to the Volkswagen OneHub for centralised placement of most digital marketing activities.

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    UX Research, Information Architecture, Target Group Analysis, Wireframing

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The Challenge

The challenge of this project lay in the technical and design setup that was already rigidly defined from the beginning. An entire content hub with a small stack of CMS components had to be developed and set up. In addition, a very broad target group had to be addressed.

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The Approach

Starting with conducting stakeholder interviews and in coordination with the different departments at Volkswagen, 4 specific target group segments were developed. After alignment with the strategic substructure of the Content Hub, these segments led to a user guidance and navigation concept with subsequent construction of the wireframes for the different page types.

Looking back at

The result

So far, the hub consists of over 100 article pages and 25 article pages with a monthly visitor count of over 1.3 million views, with an average time spent on the site of 2:35 min. Readers therefore not only come to the site, but also read the articles.

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My Role

My role in this project is the classic UX lead. I was responsible for the conception and implementation of all UX topics, from research and target group analysis to the creation of navigation concepts and wireframes, and worked on and implemented in a flexible team of up to 5 people. Close coordination with all trades such as social media, performance or editorial. Presentation to stakeholders and implementation of internal and external client workshops. Cooperation and coordination with other agencies.