Return Protocol

Return Protocol is a Silicon Valley startup that builds web3-based infrastructure for incentivized climate action empowering anyone to easily fund impactful climate projects at scale.


Build the Return Protocol Brand Identity from scratch and spread it through all assets and platforms & build a human-centered product that people love to use.

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    Return Protocol

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    Branding, Product Design, Marketing

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    America, Europe

Open Project

Developing a

Brand Identity

At the core of the Returns brand identity are the themes of sustainability and nature that combine with the qualities of positivism and joie de vivre. The CI should appear strong and lively and bring out the Climate Tech approach.

Derivation of Core Brand Elements
Skeleton of the Logo
Bringing Colors of Nature into Play
The final Logo
Typeface Freude
Typeface Filson Soft

Have a look into

Marketing Roll Outs

The new branding is played out on all marketing channels Returns. This also includes the classic playing fields such as the website, LinkedIn and Twitter. All Soulbond tokens also adopt the style of the rest of the communication and the respective tiers are represented in theses colors.

Overview of screens of the Return Website
Overview of the Return Website Mobile view
Short collection of social media posts from Return
Overview of all possible Soulbond Token and their Tiers

Inside the

Return dApp

Return offers users the opportunity to offset their digital lives in the form of CO2 emissions by investing in climate protection projects. The concept is based on the principle of “carbon offsetting”.


How does this work?

  1. User connects his wallet with the dApp.
  2. Return gives the User two options for offsetting. On the one hand, he can stake his crypto and Return supports climate protection projects with generated yield. On the other hand, the User can directly spend money to offset his emissions.
  3. Depending on the amount of carbon the User offsets he is getting a Soulbond Token with a certain tier in return. A Soulbond Token is an NFT that can’t be traded and therefore has no “value” in terms of money.
  4. The higher the amount of offset is the higher his Soulbond Token Tier will evolve.
  5. On top of the Soulbond Token the User has the opportunity to style it with a skin. He can earn different skins for different achievements.
  6. The User can share his Soulbond Token with the public to verify his offsetting and to compete with other Return Users.

Onboarding Flow

After a nice introduction to the brand world, the user gets an introduction to the product and the world of Return. At the end of the storytelling track follows the transition into the real product and the question about the connection of its MetaMask connection.

Return dApp Introduction Screen
Return dApp - Explaining the company
Return dApp - Explaining Soulbond Tokens
Return dApp - Explaining the Community Leaderboard
Return dApp - Connecting your wallet screen

Soulbond Token Configuration

Each user is in different life situations. The dApp therefore offers an easy-to-use interface on which the user can quickly and efficiently either stack his contribution or offset it directly into a climate protection project.

Return dApp - Climate tracks overview
Return dApp – Choosing the right climate project
Return dApp – Choosing the right amount of money
Return dApp – Offset through a direct contribution

Checkout Flow

After the user has configured his Soulbond token, he reaches the Checkout Floe where he can check all the settings again and after successful payment he gets his Return Cube.

Return dApp – Checkout page
Return dApp – Waiting for Wallet Confirmation
Return dApp – Get your Soulbond Token


After the user successfully minted his Soulbond token, he reaches the dashboard. An area where he can make changes to his token, compare his ranking and the community in general and also change his skin for his Soulbond token.

Return dApp – Dashboard in the Home View
Return dApp – Dashboard Skin Management view
Return dApp – Dashboard Community Boards view

Showing of the

My Role

In my role as Head of Design, I was responsible for the entire product at Return Protocol. From building a brand and a brand identity based on it, including all assets played out, to strategic planning and execution of the current product development, I was in a leadership role.